Sun Safety

Integricare Children’s Services follow The Cancer Council Sun Smart recommendations for outdoor play.

Bottle warming

Understanding the correct way to heat formula and breast milk will help stop these preventable injuries from occurring.

Dedicated dads

Research has shown that dads that build a positive relationship and are involved with their child from the beginning.

The influence of music

Listening to music, exploring sounds by using musical instruments have a beneficial effect on brain development.

Common colds

Young children may have 8 to 10 colds each year, with the highest number usually being during the first two years.

Positive sleep routine

A routine can have any number of activities. Most routines involve a mix of pre-bed tasks such as brushing teeth or reading a story.

Across Sydney, Integricare families enjoy the option of

Long Day Care or Preschool hours.

Our programs are informed by the Early Years Learning Framework and we are assessed in relation to this framework. ACECQA is the government agency that determines the quality rating for services in the sector. Integricare centres have achieved “Exceeding” ratings overall for most centres and in a number of quality education areas for all centres. Visit the ACECQA website for more information.